Posted by: ariedan | May 23, 2009

New site!

Hi guys, sorry for the trouble, but I’ve moved to a new host and I’m getting all fancy-like with things! I hope you like it. 🙂

Please redirect all links to reflect the new URL. Also, be a little patient as I finish polishing up the new layout.

Edit from many, many years in the future (ooh, spooky!):

Said updated blog is, unfortunately, no longer alive. Please enjoy my older content with a complimentary fist bump and/or high-five. Thank you, everyone, for your support!



  1. It’s no trouble at all. I think it’s a great improvement.

    – Lora

  2. I assumed the worse. You were so close to disappearing from my reader :(.

  3. I love the new site! Very cool. I am also glad to see you’re still kicking over here.

    However it won’t let me post comments on the new site unless I’m logged in as a WordPress user (which I’m not). Help!

    • Same here, it’s pretty annoying. I’m a WP.COM user but not a WordPress.ORG user, comments are very limited in that case.

      – Lora

    • It won’t?! Oh boy, let me look into it and see what’s the cause.

      • Can you try it now, Brian? I think I fixed it.

        Thanks for your help!

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