Posted by: ariedan | April 19, 2009

If It Feels Like A Job, UR DOIN IT WRONG

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about my blog, both good and bad. One of the comments I keep hearing repeated is that people think I’ve got this mighty stick up my ass (druid porn?), I can’t enjoy this game, and I take it all too seriously. First of all, I tend to stay on topic, so if I’m talking about recruiting, I’m going to stick with recruiting and not talk about how to wipe your raid as a joke (hmm, that’s a good idea for a future entry?). And secondly, guild relations is generally a topic that comes across as serious because of the nature of the subject.

“It’s Just A Game.”

Congratulations, Mister Internet User, for stating the obvious. You’re right, this is a game, and most people play to have fun and alleviate real life stress. In my humble opinion, this statement bothers me, and here’s why.

The word fun is defined differently by some people. Some people have fun in an environment that focuses heavily on raiding, and adversely, quit having fun when people aren’t playing well. They play for the content and the challenge of doing it well. Other people define fun solely by slaying internet dragons with fun people, and don’t care how well they and the others play. Either type of motivation for raiding doesn’t mean fun and raiding are mutually exclusive.

I always like to compare raiding to sports or a band/orchestra. Both can be considered hobbies (and careers, for some, but that’s not my point) that require teamwork and good structure. When I played in band/orchestra, I took it very seriously even though it was a hobby for me. If somebody didn’t show up for marching band rehearsal because his/her dedication wasn’t on par with mine, my performance suffered. When someone didn’t practice a particularly difficult run and lagged behind, my performance suffered. And if people weren’t trying, I expected the leadership to fix it. Without structure, without rules, and without someone to enforce all the rules, we never would have gotten far. People like myself would have gotten fed up and quit. Regardless of it being a hobby, my biggest enjoyment could be contributed to the challenge of it and the success of teamwork.

Raiding can be thrown into a similar category and for similar reasons. Maybe people who play for the challenge and aspect of teamwork come across as too serious. But for people to get shit done, if you don’t mind my French, there are times when you have to take it seriously. Taking something you enjoy seriously shouldn’t make it feel like a job. If it feels like a job for you, that doesn’t mean end-game isn’t for you, but it’s a completely different environment. We all play for different reasons, and my blog happens to be one that focuses on taking end-game and guilds relatively seriously.

People think good guilds just happen on their own. Hint: they don’t. Serious or not, you need structure and you need rules. If you don’t have those two key things, then your guild will be chaotic. Drama and people with bad attitudes will happen. You’ll have massive recruitment turn-over. My dad always told me there’s a reason for every rule, and even in a video game, you need rules. If you complain about a guild with rules feeling too much like a job, with all due respect, you lose the right to complain when your guild massively explodes.

Know Where That Line Is

Wanting a structured guild who takes raiding seriously doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It means you know how to focus when you need to, but can also have a good time when you’re not focusing. I’d like to think my guild is one of the most fun I’ve been in, and all our members have commented that our guild environment and personality is the funniest and liveliest they’ve experienced (proof?). We joke, we laugh, we make fun of each other. We sing on vent, purposely let people die for laughs, and have a multitude of inside jokes. If anybody knows how to have fun, we certainly do. But when we raid, we take it seriously. Does that mean we stop singing, laughing, and joking? Absolutely not. But then, people don’t need to be told to shut up (okay, I lie.. sometimes a few individuals think they’re funnier than they really are!) when it’s crunch time. We focus when it requires focusing and make use of our raiding time.

We have a lot of structure, a lot of rules, and a ridiculously thorough application process that a few outsiders have complained were “too much like a job.” But that’s what works for us. It keeps the guild going strong, it keeps our core loyal, happy, and close-knit, and most importantly, ensures we minimize issues and drama. We’re stable, and that’s not something a lot of guilds can brag about, and the reason being- you guessed it: good structure.

In the end, play for whichever reasons make you happy. I just felt compelled to express my opinions on why I write on the subjects I do, and help people understand that taking certain aspects of the game seriously doesn’t make it a job.




  1. I knew you were a band geek!

    • I thought everyone knew that? Don’t ask for the high school band pics, heh.. they’re pretty bad.

  2. Good thing that you actually take every comment seriously, most people don’t.

    On the contrary, most what you wrote here was right, as usual ^^

    Most of all the Trial process was what was most disturbing, all of those elements, shutting the fuck up, and not telling how you did it with your last guild etc etc. While saying how you did with your last guild might be insulting to some people, it helped mine, due to the tactic used in the previous guild was a lot better than the current one they had. If you are being a trial and know that everyone almost wants you to fail in order to sort out the bad/good and the elite is very common, like most jobs, they put ALL THE SHIT WORK FOR YOU, if you cut it, you get to stay, if not, gtfo and have a nice day =)

    New trials should be accepted with a loving embrace, not most of them but those who have a certain personality, in order to make the trial confident and not feel like the worst scrub of the guild who everybody looks upon with certain … can’t grab the word here, but looking down on them because they are new.

    And the guild needs more people, so it’s a bit about showing the trials that you need them, mainly that you need them to be a part of something big, important and most of all, FUN XD

    lot of bullshit probably, but I hope you get the message^^

    PS. Im a bandgeek too, piano tho, the only one ^^

  3. Good post. And, I popped over to check out the screen shots in the proof section… The night-elf hunters en mass? Best.. thing.. ever. Seriously.

    • Oh.. and we didn’t even upload the naked gnome race screenshots yet. Those are pretty close in level of hilarity.

      • AMG! So many tiny bones, so many tiny bodies. I needed a third beer to help repress the horror!

      • We need to do that again.

  4. Your guild makes me want to re-roll O.o;

  5. I really enjoy your blog. The raiding tips are very helpful and enjoyable. Thank you.

  6. Just so you, “shit” isn’t French…


    • No shit.

      It’s a figure of speech, genius!

      • LOL!

  7. Came here via cwsargeras and wanted to say that I loved reading every word of this blog (so much so that I told my whole guild to get over here and read also)! Keep the good content coming and thanks for getting what you have out here.

  8. Qote, “But then, people don’t need to be told to shut up (okay, I lie.. sometimes a few individuals think they’re funnier than they really are!)”

    See Syl you get the love too=)

    And I am pretty sure shit is Germanic….could be wrong but for some reason that is striking a bell and why am I remembering obscure college English classes…….

    • HAHA! I’m actually a little happy that my tease on Ariedan is continuing. We need to take this “figure of speech” to NEW levels in raids something like:

      “Pardon my french, but can I get Might over Wisdom, please?”

      • Shut yer big cat mouth, or I’m making you tank next week.

      • Pardon my french, but do you have any Grey Poupon for my sammich?

  9. “But for people to get shit done, if you don’t mind my French, there are times when you have to take it seriously. ”

    Exactly. It’s nice to have fun and be goofy, but if you want to clear the content, you have to actually clear the content.

  10. I want to thank you for this post. It helped me answer some of the questions I had. Someone gave me the impression that having fun didn’t belong in raiding guilds if you were outside the raiding instance.

    • There are some guilds that are very serious and don’t let you talk on vent about non-raiding subjects when you’re actually raiding, but few are like that. For some people, that’s fun. It’s just all so relative. For me, it’s about balance. If I can’t have both, I don’t want it at all.

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