Posted by: ariedan | April 14, 2009

Holy Patch Day, Batman!

Due to the craziness of patch day, I’ll just be making a quickie blog post today.


First of all, I want to really thank everyone for all the support they’ve given me so far. The blogging community has been helpful in getting me started and giving me overall tips on blog improvement. Major thanks to Veneretio, Matticus, Aenorn, “Sargeras,” and the folks at Blog Azeroth. I probably would have given up after my first day of making this blog without the motivation, advice, and/or support of these guys. My blog has been around for a little over a week, and I already am less than 200 away from having 10k hits! That’s more than I ever aspired to see, and I hope I can continue to post things you all find helpful, insightful, funny, or [random adjective here].

I’ll be trying to work on getting my site hosted and getting a domain within the week, so if any trouble arises, apologies in advance!

Contact Me!

The second thing I wanted to mention would be all the questions I’ve been receiving in my e-mail lately. I can’t add a contact form yet since my blog is still hosted by WordPress (it’s a feature I’ll implement when I get things switched over), but if you have any other questions, concerns, or even suggestions on topics you’d like to see, please e-mail me at Cristyen[at]gmail[dot]com.

WoW Headhunter

And last of all, I’d like to spotlight a very useful site called WoW Headhunter.

A couple of months ago, I saw a post on the guild relations forum regarding a new recruiting tool and a desire for GM/officer beta testers. I made contact, talked to Darren for a while, and have been a big supporter of the site from that day on. It’s really taken off since then, and with 3018 guilds already registered and being featured on sites like WoW Insider, Gamespot, and even as the featured official Word of Warcraft community.

They’re a unique recruiting tool that focuses on matching personalities and play-styles for an overall more effective and easier form of recruiting. Read more about WoW Headhunter on their FAQ or by watching this video here.

And with that, I’m off. Time to take a crash course on Ulduar bosses and then spend the rest of the evening cussing like a sailor because the world server keeps crashing. Until tomorrow!



  1. Awww ❤ So glad you’re with us ^^ Can’t wait to see some of your GM/Tanking tips on Ulduar! (As soon as that darned Blizzard learns 2 patch xD)

  2. You said you’re “still hosted on WordPress” but are switching over. What host are you switching to? Or do you just mean your new domain name?

    Anyway, glad I could help, I’ve really been enjoying your posts.

    • Meaning, I’m hosted on their site currently. I’m looking into getting a domain and some server space with a host.

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