Posted by: ariedan | April 13, 2009

Blog Canceled For

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. I haven’t been feeling really well. Hopefully I’ll be fine tomorrow and have time to polish off one of my drafts I have sitting ’round. Until then, random filler post!

A couple of weeks ago, one of our guildies posted the link to the Mybrute webpage on the forums. It started out with only a few people just trying it, and within a week, the entire guild was completely absorbed by it. Now all guild, raid, party, and vent chat is occupied by Brute talk, topics ranging from different weapons you can get to how unfair the RNG is. Most of even have referred to our characters as “mains” and “alts,” if that isn’t bad enough!

Mybrute’s a silly little online game, if you can even call it that, where you make a character that fights other people’s brutes. Your abilities, stats, and weapons are all completely random. Sometimes you get nothing at all, and you’re stuck punching each other. Other times, you luck out and get pets and huge, overpowered weapons. You don’t have control of the characters, it’s all random. It should be stupid, but somehow, has become one of the funnest guild activities.

Seriously, go try it. Go fight against one of my alts here and give it a go. If anything, it gives you something fun to post on your guild forums, eh?



  1. I saw ‘Blog Canceled’ and I just /gasped >_> Then I read on.. I hate that annoying game 😛 I can’t get to sleep haha >_<


  3. Hehe, I got one too. :p
    It is indeed a bit silly and shouldn’t be called a game but somehow it’s addicting.

  4. Hehe, its a great game.

    Try my brute, hes very good.

  5. Wanna get a bear.., just try my link:

  6. A friend told me about it…it’s true, it seemed silly at first because of the lack of control of your character but it’s very addicting.
    Try it…it’s fun.


  8. I hate that game.
    Unfair game. And also my friends mybrute post on this bog got spammed by even more advertisers than yours.

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