Posted by: ariedan | April 8, 2009

10 Ways To Make Your GM Love You!

Not everybody wants to be an officer, nor is everyone really cut out for a leadership position. But that doesn’t mean if you love your guild you can’t contribute any. There are plenty of things you can do to make your guild leader’s life easier.

1 Be active on the forums. Good communication is necessary for any type of guild, and forums are the easiest way to do that. Being active on the forums means one more person posting, and the more active they are, the more motivated others will be to post. And you don’t just have to post serious things like responses to strategies or class theorycrafting. Start a funny youtube or picture thread, a forum game, or even a make fun of [insert that guy/girl everyone loves to pick on] thread.

2 Don’t just log on for raids. Level alts, play in battlegrounds, run instances, chat on vent- and encourage guildies to join you!

3 There’s nothing wrong with criticizing unfair rules or situations handled incorrectly. After all, we’re people too, and we all make mistakes. But pick when and how you do it carefully. In guild chat, forums, vent during a raid? Absolutely not. Privately and in a constructive manner? Definitely! Constructive feedback from the guild is good- it’s how we know we’re doing things right.

4 Similar to #3, if you have an issue with a guild mate, keep it private and mature. If it can’t be handled between the two of you without getting heated, go to an officer.

5 When you make a mistake or cause a wipe in a raid, immediately own up to it. Don’t point fingers, and don’t try to hide. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions, but more importantly, it saves us time trying to figure out what went wrong. Imagine trying to keep up with 24 other people, and having to troubleshoot between boss attempts. That’s valuable time, and not just your raid leader’s time, but yours too! Use it wisely, and help out!

6 If you know of something going on, such as a member talking of transferring, a member ninjaing in a pug, etc, tell an officer. It’s not ratting someone out, it’s doing the responsible thing. There’s nothing more irritating than a conversation that goes in circles because you can’t name names, and besides that, nothing gets solved that way.

7 Help bump the recruitment thread. Seriously! I love people who help me do this.

8 Let an officer know if you can’t make a raid. There’s nothing wrong with missing a raid. There is if you’re a no-show.

9 Talk, don’t be a social wallflower! I’m not saying nonstop as that can get pretty annoying pretty damn fast. But don’t be afraid to try to get involved and get guild chat going if it’s dead.

10 Cyber with the officers and give them gold and free consumables. Just kidding. Well, I’ll take the gold- just mail it to me!



  1. As a member I think being respectful and social within the guild and with the GM is a great way to get on your GMs good side. Plus benefits come with it as well, the more active you are overall the more likely you are to be invited to raids and guild events, and the nicer you are to your guildmates the friendlier they become towards you in turn. That might help you out on a few rolls ~_^

  2. A very well put together Top Ten list. Will come back to your Blog more often.

  3. Lovely post! I wish I could figure out more ways to get our members to post on our forums, they’re generally a wasteland most of the time. People underestimate how important they can be.

  4. […] 10 Ways to Make Your GM Love You @ Wordy Warrior This doesn’t just apply to GMs!  If everyone followed these tips, it’d make things so much easier for everyone.  Shared this with my guild in hopes to encourage this kinda thing more! […]

  5. […] the GM of my guild, I’m a fan of The Wordy Warrior’s list of 10 ways to make your guild leader love you. I especially like the part about cybering with the officers and giving them gold and free […]

  6. Very interesting. I’ll be reading this blog often. (Besides “The Wordy Warrior” makes me lol every time)

    • Gotta love good ‘ol alliteration!

  7. […] 10 Ways To Make Your GM Love You!   […]

  8. Great list! You really hit the important stuff only a GM would understand is really key to making people’s wow-experience fun and keeping people entertained. I think every time I find something funny it gets posted on my guild forums. I know this just did xD

  9. Great list! As an officer in a large guild, I would say the hardest task is getting people to be active in the forums. If anyone has any success stories for increasing guild activity online, please share!

  10. Hey, congratulations on the success of your blog! I recently started my very own wordpress blog so hopefully you’ll have time to check it out! Good luck in the future.

  11. I would delve deeper into your philosophies on how to do the things you mention. An issue I have ran into as a leader is trying to get people to do the things you have listed.

    The best way is usually, or so I have found, an indirect way where you coax members into being social for example. Most people will resist if you come right out and tell them to be more social.

    • I agree, actually. Maybe I can elaborate on some of these things in separate blogs.

  12. […] 10 Ways To Make Your GM Love You! Not everybody wants to be an officer, nor is everyone really cut out for a leadership position. But that doesn’t […] […]

  13. Loved you article. I have add your linke to my site so I can keep track of it.

  14. nice post and nice blog 🙂

  15. Love it!

  16. To get forum attendance up I’ve generally found if you make it a constant reminder, put useful information in there, and start a player info/photo thread, it’ll attract members. Also, get your officers to make it habit to post or check posts frequently. If you wanna make forum attendance mandetory, change your vent password weekly and post it in the forums.

  17. Love it!!

  18. sorry sir, i have no idea about this type of matter…..

  19. Being a guildleader for 2 years now, I think I’d add one more thing to your list… (btw, it’s EVERYTHING I’ve been saying the whole stretch of my time as GL!)

    A good guild leader will tell you exactly what they need. Listen and at least give it a go. If they ask for more events, try to run one. They’ll adore you for even putting the effort in! (We’re event poor, I run most of them, I’m exhausted.)

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